My Farewell Note

Kuta Selatan, 28 December 2012


PUP 10/28/2010 0800 SRGA


POD+ 12/28 2012 1400 DPSA

Finally, After 2 year in fabulous time. It’s my time.
I’m growing up as an RPX brigade, but now, I should fly to see the universe.
I have to leave our beloved RPX Company starting December 28 2012 to reach my personal destiny.


First of all,
Let me say my thanks to Bapak Harsha E Joesoef and Ibu Sanny Marlina for the give me great opportunity to Join RPX Group.

Secondly, I’d like to say many many huge thanks to all of Great RPX Family

Special for my SRGA Team
Ibu Deasy Ariyani for hire me and give me opportunity to join this company
Mbak Yunita, Mbak Puji, Pak Yudi and Mbak Lya for all of love, smile, laught, spirit, advise and togetherness. Can’t wait to see you again in Semarang.
And Mas Septa.. Still there?? + New comers of Semarang, Nia, Rita, Erik, Dewa
SRGA Ops team, admin, collection and CS, Pak Salbani, Mas Alim, Mbak Nur, Tiwi, Mas Danu, Mbak Sinta, Mas Fendi Saprol, Pak Bambang, Mas Chairul, Mbak Reni, Mbak Novi, Erna and All courier team.

Super duper special complete with egg and double rubber for my beloved great DPSA team
Bapak Mario Marchell for guiding, sharing, mentoring, and hiring me in DPS. Nice to work with you, Captain! Thank you for bring DPSA come back and for The Best Improvement Branch..Cepet kawin yaa..
Bapak Luki Lazuardi, what a short time to working with you. Many thanks! titip denpasar team yaa..
Bapak Agung Kurniawan, for announce me and guidance for the first time in DPS
To Pasukan Joget Domestic Team/ Trio Labil/ The Three Strogese Bang Bobby, Pak Afif Hendro, Pak Ajun. Be Strong, be wise, be spirit. Semoga lekas sembuh dan ditunjukan jalan yang benar.salam BIDABI.
International Team, Mbak Sonya thank you for show me how to be better.. Mak Carol, my best partner ever. For all of your support, service, sharing and “ngomelin”. Stay positive, stay cool, stay smart.
DPSA Admin team/ Collection Team/ Finance Team, Mbak Santi, Iluh (selamat ya atas pernikahannya), Mbak Lisa (semangatt.. ga boleh galau), Om Glory, And Si Kecil Yayuk (belajar yang banyak yaa)
DPSA Ops Team/ CS/ Courier Team : Pak Rian (you are the last guardian now, be strong yaa.. titip DPS); Caesar, Pak WS, Panca, Pak Budi, Mbak Vina, Pak Kayan, My bro Erwin, Mbak Ugie, Pak Mundra, Damanik, Pak Jiwi and All courier.. Many thanks for always support me. Thank you.. Ketinggalan satu, Wisnu Pande, thank you bro.. Keep learning terus yaa

Many thanks and respect for all Managers and RPX Legion in Head Office RPX Center
Sincerely Thanks to Bapak Andry Adiwinarso, for the opportunity and guidance in SRG and DPS
Huge Thanks Bapak M Kadrial, for support and help me in SRG and DPS
Bapak Herry Andri Yanto for the help and support.
And the special one Bapak Johan Menan, for great assistance and mentoring. Big honour for me to be the part of your East ID Team

SPDT Team, Bude Iin niru dikit openingnya ya bude, nurul, wahyu, juanita, anggie, agung, lisa and ID CST team
Ibu Tiur and Mbak Imi and Clearance Team. Ibu Christina and All Export team, Many thanks for the support.

And but not least, I would like to say sorry for all of my mistake. Let me fly away for years to find new experience and learn the universe.
Semoga ngga ada yang kelewatan disebut.. Hasta la Vista

Warmest Regards,
Indra Dhani Kusuma /
Twitter @danindra folbek eaaa
Facebook / Line/ Path/ Instagram : Danindra Kusuma